What is the circular economy?

What if, instead of throwing away, we repaired, recycled, reused? The circular economy quite simply aims to change the way we consume. This will allow us to optimize the use of natural resources and thus limit the waste generated.

This model is based on the creation of positive value loops that allow us to reuse our equipment that works or needs repair . It acts in particular on new modes of design, production and consumption, the durability of use of products, the use rather than ownership of goods, the reuse and recycling of their components.

The pattern of production and consumption that has prevailed since the industrial revolution is based on abundant natural resources and a linear pattern . Today, the foundation of the consumer society finds its limits in the face of environmental challenges , employment and the growth of the world population which is expected to increase by 43% between 2012 and 2100.

Our withdrawals from the resources of our dear planet already greatly exceed the biocapacity of the earth. Basically, it is its capacity to regenerate renewable resources, to provide non-renewable resources and to absorb waste.

Lowering the impact of today's development model only pushes the deadline back. A more ambitious approach is needed.

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